Sunday, 9 April 2017

Top Five Favourite Pokemon

It's been a while since I've compiled a Top 5 and since I've recently dug out my Pokemon Diamond Version cartridge to do some levelling-up and Battle Tower runs, I thought it might be time to decide once and for all what my five favourite monsters are. Now there will be a certain amount of old-school bias here since I stopped playing after the fourth generation (Diamond/Pearl) and from what I have seen of the newer titles, it is my personal opinion that the designers are running out of ideas in a big way for new Pokemon. Compare the classics with the frankly bizarre monsters of the latest generations (there's one based on a bin bag for f***s sake) and there's a gaping difference. Without any further controversy-stirring however, I'll get on with my Top Five...

1. Houndoom

That's right, we're really kicking it old-school here with some utterly gorgeous Ken Sugimori watercolour artwork. What I find fascinating about Houndoom is that it doesn't really fit into the mould of a kid-friendly series of games given how the thing looks like the Devil's pet pooch. Houndoom looks evil and absolutely bad-ass and I'm not sure we'll see such a dark design for a Pokemon again.

2. Rayquaza

I've always had a thing for Dragon-type Pokemon so it's no surprise that one should end up on this list. Rayquaza also bears the honour of being the only monster beyond the first two generations to make this list, so awesome is the design. I still remember the first time I stumbled upon this beast after completing Pokemon Sapphire and finding an opening in some rocks (that wasn't there before) which led to a tower. At the very top, I met this thing at Lv.70 and was like "what the hell is going on here? Who is this?". It was a long battle and billions of Ultra Balls were wasted before Rayquaza finally submitted. He's been a staple of my team ever since.

3. Raikou

With their random appearances on the map, quick-to-flee nature and massive resistance to being caught, the three legendary 'dogs' of Gold/Silver were a huge challenge to capture. I'd always considered Entei to be my favourite but over the years, Raikou has really grown on me and even though I know he's popular, I still feel that he got the short straw. After all, Entei and Suicune were the stars of the third and fourth movies and Suicune was also the main monster of Pokemon Crystal. What about poor Raikou? Don't worry; you're my favourite.

4. Zapdos

Is there another Pokemon that looks so outwardly aggressive and lethal? I'm not sure there is. Everything about Zapdos is awesome from it's spiky appearance to its electrical moveset. I love this bird.

5. Lugia

As soon as I saw Lugia, I just KNEW that the second generation of Pokemon was going to be awesome. There's just something fearsome about this original Ken Sugimori art that sometimes gets lost in the softer iterations by other artists. Don't get me wrong, I really like Ho-Oh as well, but of the two, Lugia is undoubtedly the coolest and for once made opting for the superficially 'lesser' version of a game (Silver as opposed to Gold) an attractive prospect. Lugia is my favourite Pokemon of all-time.

So those are my choices. I'd love to know what other people think and which Pokemon they'd choose. It would be nice to have the case(s) put forward for some of the newer designs to see if I can be convinced!

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