Saturday, 21 January 2017

Power Rangers 2017 Movie Trailer...

So this is only my second post of the year but for good reason. Thus far, 2017 has been a bit of a crap year for me so I really haven't felt like bloggin' recently. That aside, there's nothing better than a naff movie trailer to spur a writer into motion so I felt that I had to share my disgruntlement with my huge moderate tiny desperate (though very much appreciated) readership after watching THIS...

What the f*** is this?!? Now I know, I know...the original show was an utter cheese-fest and looks even worse today, doubly so once you watch a few episodes of Super Sentai and realise just how poorly stitched together the US version of the show was. And I KNOW that people like me probably can't have our critique of remakes trusted when we constantly berate remakes but come on; this trailer is complete BALLS. I do detest remakes and I will freely admit that but there have been some good ones. Problem is that the majority are a) cash-grabbing exercises in squeezing money from a famous name b) creatively bankrupt in both their execution and very existence or c) the same thing just with added modern bling such as mobile phones, current music and whoever is "hot" right now in Hollywood. Oh and they tend to have CGI vomited all over them.

I watched this trailer and the only positive I could take from it was that they at least tried to replicate the basics of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers i..e having the same names, Zordon and Alpha etc. However, there were so many things that made me feel like THIS:

First of all, the trailer is generic as anything. Here we go again with that bassy foghorn sound effect and the music cutting out whenever somebody says something that we are supposed to find amusing. Scenes fading dramatically to black? You can check that one off as well. All of these trailers look THE SAME  these days.

Then they decide to introduce Kanye West music? Oh please no. Especially not that track which has been used to death in so many films, TV adverts and goodness knows what else. Stop using it! I'm not saying that using the original Power Rangers theme would have been a good idea given the tone of this trailer but anything other than Kanye f****** West would have been a better fit. Ask yourself if rap really suits the Power Rangers. Go on. I'll give you a biscuit if you do. A choccy one at that.

And oh look: the black guy isn't the Black Ranger this time. I guess that would be incorrectly labelled as "racist" these days so that's not allowed. They still managed to include a "black" joke in there though to make up for if to somehow answer the questions in old school fans' heads about the colour change. Honestly, people who complain about everything being racist really need to chill out. Not saying that is happening here but you just KNOW that some corners would be up in arms if the movie studio dared to mimic the original show and give Zack the Black Ranger's powers.

As for the rest...yeah, it just looks like very generic "epic" Michael Bay/Transformers/Pacific Rim rubbish - impressive the first few times we saw it but not anymore. Why do all old films or TV shows need to be reborn as "edgy" and dark (or semi-dark) these days? This trailer takes something that was fun and awesome and tries to make it all cool, moody and bad-ass. The problem is that this is made by a Western movie studio who will typically throw CGI at stuff, include all the identical cues in trailers (as mentioned earlier) and waffle on in documentaries about how the film is "revolutionary" or "such a unique concept". I think kids with no preconceptions or knowledge of the source material will enjoy this and so will general moviegoers with a passing idea of what Power Rangers is/was but for somebody like me who grew up watching the Rangers tackle Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd? Sorry but this looks like f****** sh**. Get it out of my face.

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