Friday, 23 December 2016

Completed 2016 [UPDATE]

So I told a bit of a lie when I posted my list of completed games for this year and claimed that I wouldn't be finishing anything else in 2016. A lie or perhaps - to be more accurate - an underestimation of what I'd be capable of. To cut to the chase, I finished another game just before Christmas hits, that game being Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii-U.

I miss these guys already...*sniff*

I've spoken about this game more than enough recently so to keep it brief, I really enjoyed what I played and it was definitely one of my top games of 2016. It was also a prime example of why owning a Wii-U has paid off in the long run. I loved the battle system, the music and even the characters. Probably not as much as I enjoyed the likes of Persona 3 but even so, I was a little sad to see the end credits roll and to leave everybody behind and that - in my experience - is the sign of a great RPG. I believe I clocked in at just under 70hrs but that could easily be beaten as I did a fair amount of level grinding, weapon levelling-up and just general wandering about, lost, during sidequests.

In summary, the pathetic censorship can still go and die but I'd recommend people play this regardless if they enjoy JRPG's or anything with a stylish, vaguely Persona-like vibe.

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