Saturday, 26 November 2016

The 100th Post

One hundred posts might not seem like a milestone in blogging terms and given my sluggish output rate, it's taken a long while to get here. Has it all been worth it? Well, if you can call my posting of random crap, insane thoughts, features on weird non-mainstream stuff and an over-focus on fighting games as entertaining blogging then I guess I've succeeded!

I've actually found the blogging experience a whole lot different to before when I was doing my previous 'Darkstalker90' blog. Back then, I seemed to get around 30+ followers and regular commenters without even trying. This time around, things are the opposite and I haven't really gained any traction in that department so perhaps something has changed in the world of blogging in the intervening years? Of course, I do little nothing in the way of social media promotion and that is likely to remain unchanged heading into the future given that I have a few other focuses in life right now and have actually been selling a good portion of my gaming collection. Maybe I need to actually upgrade to a G+ account? I don't know...the haphazard and random nature of this blog certainly doesn't help but that is - unfortunately - the way it is!

I always maintained with my previous blog that I was writing purely for the fun of it and to just get random game-related thoughts out of my head. This still holds true now so despite what I have said above, I'm not doing this to gain a load of followers and a slew of comments on everything I post. That simply isn't my style or motivation at all. There is no agenda for this blog and what I post is simply what's on my mind or related to the particular types of gaming I enjoy.

So whether you are one of my few followers, occasional (or one-off commenters) or simply drop by to read the odd post now and then, I sincerely appreciate you all whether I know that you are there or not.

So here's to another 100 posts of mis-matched rubbish. Whether that's a positive or a very, very grave prospect is up to you to decide!


  1. 100 posts in just over a year's good going...

    I've definitely noticed a change in the whole blogging thing though - since setting up a Facebook page as a "partner" to my one, all the discussion and so on that used to happen in my comments sections are now taking place on the Facebook page - guess it's all just about keeping up with the world and so on, ah well.

  2. I regularly check your blog for new posts... My last one seemed to be a lot more popular than my new one but the site I was uusing shut down... I also do no real promotion of mine.... I have tried too many diffrent things, I publish books on amazon under two diffrent names, I tried to make youtube videos, to podcast and to blog.... Blogging and book writing are the ones I have always returned to but I think if I had stuck to one thing from the start maybe I would have done better.. Hey at least yours is pretty much a solid game blog.... I have ended up covering Gaming, Wrestling, Horror and sometimes polotics which proberbly makes for an even more disjointed mess .... Keep up the good work, it is a quality read.

  3. Thanks both :)

    I have considered going down the route of a FB page to try and prop up this place somewhat but it's not something I've wanted to prioritise for a while now. I have a few other hobbies (the biggie being art) so simply updating with a new post is a bit of an achievement reallu!