Saturday, 22 October 2016

Nintendo Switch Thoughts

I'd rather this were an original post or something "different" (since everybody else is posting about the Switch) but I'm tired and not feeling the motivations for a better post so here it is: my reaction to Nintendo's recently unveiled Wii-U successor.

My first impression was that they'd at least done a better trailer for the hardware and got the message across waaaaaaay better than they did with the Wii-U. It looks trendy and gimmicky in a good way that might appeal to more people this time.

Aesthetically, I think it looks horrible. It reminds me of one of those cheap gaming tablets that you can buy and ram full of emulators and apps for older consoles. Does this bother me too much though? Well, the Wii-U is hardly an attractive machine and I still like that so no. It definitely looks cheap and crappy to me though from a visual perspective. The functionality aspect is actually very interresting however. I really like handhelds simply because sometimes, I can't be bothered to switch on the TV and mess about with my scart switchers and the bank of plugs behind the TV stand so if I can play a proper console game while sitting in bed or whatever then that's ace. I also hope that this means Nintendo will focus on the one machine and kill off the separate handheld side of things so that all the great games will hit one platform. When you look back at the last generation, the Wii-U has been starved of top games while the 3DS soldiers on with many quality releases and the kinds of third-party developers onboard that don't want anything to do with the Wii-U. 'Consolidation' is the buzzword here I reckon.

Overall though, it's certainly too early to make any sort of judgement. Forums are predictably already fizzing with hate and doom-mongering predictions for the Switch based on a 3 minute trailer but the fact is that much may change for the final hardware (it might look better for example) and no games were shown. The Switch can look fugly as hell but if it hosts games in the same league as Mario Galaxy, Fire Emblem Awakening and Yoshi's Woolly World then I'll buy one at some point for sure. Even "bad" Nintendo machines always tend to have a handful of killer games worth twenty good ones on a rival console anyway and I'm sure it will be no different with the Switch.

My biggest annoyance is all the secrecy behind the Switch and the games. It's taken until now to get a 3 minute trailer out there and apparently we won't see any information on the actual games until 2017...

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