Monday, 19 September 2016

Recent-ish Purchases #4

Well, I haven't posted one of these since June and with good reason...I haven't bought any games up until the past few weeks! It's a mixture of wanting to play more and buy less and also me getting back into another nerdy hobby (trading cards) so I've just been a bit sensible with my cash. However, there were a few things I wanted to pick up and I found myself in the not-too-painful position of having some Amazon credit left so I bought:

Yes, after spamming this blog with more than a fair share of King of Fighters XIV updates, I completely forgot to buy it when it came out! Cue much facepalming indeed...

What kicked my arse into gear was reading that the game hadn't sold very well thus far in the UK. This in itself was no huge surprise to me as niche fighting games like this won't capture the imagination of today's gamers BUT since I wanted to support this game and since I've been rabidly looking forward to it, I decided to just get it bought. Clearly it hadn't sold like hotcakes as there were still plenty of these 'Day One' steelbooks available (comes with some free costume DLC for Kyo) so I opted for that version since it was no more expensive than a standard PS4 game. I don't really care about daft LE's or steelbooks anymore save for rare exceptions but in this case, there was no reason not to have it.

Mortal Kombat XL was a game that I had meant to get ages ago but - again - just forgot about. I had held out for an updated edition like this with all the DLC included on the disc so I'm glad it happened. MK9 on the PS3 was a really fun, brutal fighter with perversely entertaining x-ray specials and gory fatalities so X was always going to be a must-buy. This XL edition includes all released DLC costume packs and guest characters. Being a big fan of horror movies, I can't wait to try out Jason, Predator, Leatherface and the Alien!

No physical box for this game so here's Kiryu with Taiko Drum Master.

The final thing I bought recently was the PSN download of Yakuza 5. Sadly, there was no physical release for this game but given Sega's unending reluctance to localise this series in a reasonable time frame (it sometimes takes several years!) and the fact that they surely aren't great sellers in the West, I can't complain about Yakuza 5 being digital-only; at least we got it! The bad news was that the PS3's dreadfully slow download capabilities + my very, very ordinary internet connection meant that this game took around 4 days to download! Thankfully, it has been well worth it and it's pretty much all I have been playing recently with the limited time I've had. Probably not my favourite in the series (that will always be the first two games, specifically Yakuza 2) but it's certainly the most comprehensive with so many nice touches and so much content. It's just fantastic and I recommend the series heartily to anybody who hasn't played a Yakuza game before. I'll also take this oppurtunity to slip in a link to my previous post on why the series means so much to me. You can check that out if you want a more in-depth impression from me. Or not. It's up to you!

So that's it for now. I don't currently have any other purchases in mind so for now, it's most definitely all about playing and less about buying. Will I stick to that vow though? Who knows!

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