Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Brief thoughts on recently discovered cancelled Atomiswave fighting game

Roughly a week ago, I came across news of yet another cancelled arcade fighting game that had been discovered by an arcade board collector. 'Kenju' was a fighting game by Dream Factory (responsible for the likes of Ehrgeiz and Tobal) set to be released in 2005/2006 and had even made it to location testing before being binned. The game uses 2D cel-shaded, anime-like characters on a 3D plane and resembles Rival Schools in this respect. The game was being produced for the famous Atomiswave arcade board and looks like it was well into development despite the beta status of the game found on the arcade board(s) by one lucky collector. Below are some videos showing off the game in a playable state...

In my opinion, the game and its characters are nothing overly special to look at and we've all certainly seen our fair share of anime-styled fighting games over the years BUT let's not allow those things to detract from what looked like an interesting game nonetheless. Yes, there doesn't appear to be much originality but the gameplay still looks more than serviceable and the air combos are cool. Considering this is just a beta, I think that Kenju could have been an interesting game - definitely worth playing - if it had been finished and released. As it is, we'll never know and probably won't get to even sample the beta (as is the case with so many discovered prototypes) but it is at least nice to see another lost fighting game recovered and shown off.

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