Friday, 5 August 2016

A recent pre-order I placed...

I genuinely (you may not believe me; sometimes I don't believe myself!) do not want to buy any more gaming-related figurines or statues because a) storage space b) cost and c) the overwhelming nerdiness of it all. Reason 'a' is a legitimate deal-breaker but yet don't we all as collectors/hoarders find somewhere to put stuff we have "no room" for? Reason 'b' is a bit more serious but usually I'm not strapped for cash to the degree that I need to say "no" to things. I'm not mega well-off or anything approaching 'rich' but there are a lot of things that I don't spend my money on. Reason 'c' can just go and do one I suppose! Life is too short to worry about being a nerd or a geek or whatever. Anyway! I saw this included in a Playasia e-mail newsletter (really should unsubscribe to those things...) and was like "Err...holy shit; I must have it?"

I don't know where I intend to put it but it's a nurse version of Morrigan adapted from an illustration by the ludicrously talented Kinu Nishimura so it was hard to say "no", especially when the figure looks this bloody good. Wowsers.

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