Friday, 15 July 2016

Gallery #2 - Pandora's Tower Limited Edition

Back in ye olden days (or "a few years ago") I was a sucker for special/limited/collector's editions. Seduced by oversized boxes and usually pointless extras, I would always look to secure the 'special' version of any game. Nowadays, I save this sort of thinking for select games (see: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir) but I do still have a few boxsets left over. One such set is for Pandora's Tower on the Wii. I must admit that I haven't played the game yet but like all games, if I don't enjoy it or wouldn't play it again then I would have no issues selling this Collector's Edition. I'd get most of my money back for it at least going by today's fervent collector's market. This in mind, I decided to make Pandora's Tower the subject of my second 'Gallery' feature in case it does end up on the 'sale' stack in the near future but also because the stuff inside the box is actually quite nice. It's meant to be a great game anyway so who knows, maybe I'll still have this for a while yet. Anyway, let's do some pictorial stuff.

Obviously there is the game itself. Wouldn't get too far without it! Interestingly, I believe this is the only Wii game to come in a black case. The standard cover art is beautiful in my opinion.

There is also an obligatory steelbook. I don't really like these. They are difficult to keep in good condition on shelves and in boxsets such as this, they don't even serve as the primary game case so all in all, they are pointless. This one looks fantastic in the flesh however and must be admired for that alone.

The other included bonus is an artbook. I'm not sure who the artist for Pandora's Tower was but I was impressed with the contents of the book. It's fair to say that the art style and even the game itself for that matter aren't your typical Nintendo fare but a break from Mario and Zelda is no bad thing. A console needs variety after all and I welcomed a game like this back when it was released. Below are a few samples from inside the artbook.

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  1. I have the collectors edition of this game as well. I didnt get it on release though I was fortunate enough to get it second hand in Game for something stupid like £15 or £20. I have to admit I havent played it either urghhhh really needs to be more days in the week.