Monday, 11 July 2016

Dead or Alive 5 welcomes a new challenger

If there was any fighting game in the history of videogames that absolutely did not need any more generously endowed female ninjas then Dead or Alive 5 is surely it. However, in a brilliant move, Tecmo's latest crossover content is set to introduce Mai Shiranui of KOF fame to the roster of DOA5: Last Round. Said roster will be getting bigger then, in more than one way...

This isn't the first time that we've had the pleasure of Mai and her charms in a 3D fighting game of course. Previous to this guest appearance, she starred in the rubbish Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (it's really bad - don't go there) and two marmite KOF: Maximum Impact installments (I happen to have a secret soft spot for the second one). Given that DOA 5 is a genuinely well-made fighting game with sumptuous visual polish, this should surely be her very best venture into the world of polygons however.

There's no gameplay footage of Mai available yet but I expect she will fit in well with the other Kunoichi and should certainly give them a run for their money in terms of both special move and, er...cup size.

Before I head off for a cold shower, I'll finish by also adding that a load of other DLC was also announced/shown including MORE costumes (do we really need any more?!?) and crossover content from the Attack on Titan anime. I will unashamedly admit that I love DOA 5 and all it's divisive quirks but the game has been DLCed up the ass with a never-ending stream of bolt-ons. Some of it is good (certain costumes, most of the characters) and a lot of it doesn't really appeal to me (any of the anime stuff or ill-fitting game crossovers). None of it is organised properly and when a game has this much DLC, it needs to be easier to browse. And not so cynically priced!

Probably the best and most suitable upcoming DLC for the game then is Mai Shiranui. This is the first announcement since SNK's new owners stated that they wanted to follow the 'Marvel' approach and expand their characters into other universes so we can only imagine what other ventures the newly revitalised developer will embark on in the future.

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