Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Recent-ish Purchases #3

A quick round-up of what I've picked up since the last 'Purchases' post...

A few more PS2 games knocked off my (thankfully) dwindling list. Fire Heroes is a spiritual successor to Human's The Firemen games on the SNES and is meant to be a real hidden gem (how I hate that phrase!). Not for the first time, it's a game that I was completely unaware of until I read John Scziepaniak's The Untold History of Japanese Video Game Developers books. You may spot the 505 Gamestreet mark of death on the cover and that naturally meant that the game was near impossible to find here in the UK. Importing this one from Italy was my only solution but it was quite cheap, still sealed and arrived faster than most items of domestic mail! Bloodrayne 2 is a game I used to own and fancied having back to play again - keeping hold of it this time! Black is one of my favourite FPS' of all-time and since I am shortly getting rid of all my Xbox gear - the XB version of this game included - I decided I'd better get a PS2 copy. I've already played through it again and reaped immense satisfaction from doing so.

Just the one PS3 game: the ambiguously-titled Fighting Edition which is incredible value for money. The disc includes Soul Calibur V, Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I primarily bought this to give Soul Calibur V a second chance (since my current collector's edition copy is going to be sold) but I'd also been mulling over whether to get Tekken 6 back in my collection. This three-in-one disc was the ideal solution.

A rare Wii-U purchase...not due to any sort of apathy to the machine (I love it) but because...well there's no reason really. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is the final product of the much previewed and mysterious Fire Emblem/Megami Tensei collaboration which I had been keeping a close eye on. I didn't need to pick this up right away but with it being a niche title with Fire Emblem DNA released onto a dying platform, I decided to just get a copy in case the print run was limited and scalpers took advantage. Apparently they DID get involved with the special edition 'Fortissmo' boxset (hawking pre-orders on ebay for over £150!!!!!) but thankfully, there wasn't anything in that set to tempt me.

An assortment of PS4 games to feed my latest console, none of them overly mainstream but that reflects my tastes I suppose! The gloriously-titled Nitro+Blasterz - Heroines Infinite Duel was a cool-looking 2D fighter that I was shocked to find in a physical shop but had to take a punt on given my love of fighting games. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is my chance to play the very best version of a fabulous fighting game that took up a lot of my time across the various PS3 iterations - I just need to sort out the data transfer before I give it a go. Warriors Orochi 3 is my very first Warriors title and I have been enjoying it quite a lot, especially with the various guest characters to play as. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos and Senran Kagura Estival Versus fly the flag for lowbrow beat 'em up entertainment - my favourite sort! I'm surprised that the Senran Kagura games actually get released over here when they are the epitome of Japanese anime perviness but in any case, I'm hoping for a decent fighter underneath the thick dollops of indulgent fanservice. On a side note, the reverse cover of the inlay is something you may want to keep concealed in its default position if there's anybody else likely to shuffle through your game collection! It certainly made my eyes pop out so here's a link to the image. NSFW obviously so don't get all clicky with the linky if there are other eyes about!

Finally, my favourite item of my recent purchases: The 'Storybook Edition' for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS4). Special/Collectors/Limited editions are no longer my thing these days so I really scrutinise the contents of oversized boxes before committing to them. Odin Sphere however is an exception given that the PS2 original is one of my all-time favourite games and - in my opinion - a work of art. That in mind, opting for the special boxset for the remaster was definitely a case of "hell yeah, I'm havin' me some of that!". The slipcase and inner box are really nice and inside there is the game (obvs), a beautiful steel slipcase (not a second, useless steelbook as is so often the case!), t-shirt and artbook. Vanillaware are one of a tiny select few developers who warrant day one purchases in my eyes and their games never fail to enchant me so I'm so, so chuffed that Odin Sphere gets a chance to finally receive some more, much-deserved attention. I'll conclude with some pictures of the contents...


  1. The Firemen's one of only a handful of SNES games I like, so Fire Heroes is now one that I'll be looking for (along with Burning Rangers on the Saturn and that fireman game on the Wii, whatever it's called)...

    Are those really three games on ONE DISC?!? That's fairly incredible! I love Soul Calibur V... The story mode's pish and the lack of individual stories for the characters is a letdown too, but the character creation's fantastic - overall it's my favourite Soul Calibur game since the Dreamcast one. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah it's a pretty tight collection huh? They boot as a separate games on the menu too so any existing saves etc. are all compatible.

      I did already play a lot of SCV but it left a bad taste in my mouth due to the removal of favourite characters, changes to the fighting system and forgettable music. The creator mode is certainly a stunner though and I can't wait to get back to it when I give the game a second shot.