Friday, 8 April 2016

The Fire Emblem Fates saga of disappointment - Part 2

A couple of posts ago, I was a pretty grumpy git raging against greedy re-sellers and Nintendo's lack of stock when it comes to their special editions. I was specifically speaking about the upcoming limited edition version of Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS (all three games on a single cart + physical bonuses) and my fear that the available stock would be gobbled up by rotten re-sellers within minutes. Would I manage to secure a copy? Would I be completely wrong about the available stock levels? Would I beat the dreaded scalpers?

Have a guess.

Go on, I dare you.

C'mon, don't be shy...

The answer? A big fat, disgruntled, exasperated "No"

This picture is the perfect summary of the situation.

There were two incidents of being beaten to the treasure. The first was when the game was suddenly listed as an exclusive to the retail chain 'GAME' here in the UK. Up until this point, the set had also been tentatively visible on the likes of Amazon but without any warning (that I know of at least), it became an exclusive in the morning and was all sold out by the time I got home from work and performed my daily availability check. "Fantastic", I thought, a real reward for grafting away at work all day while re-sellers and people not working devoured the pre-orders in an extremely short space of time.

I still held onto a thread of hope however because Nintendo would of course be listing the various bundles/editions on their own UK store. Determined to be prepared, I registered for a stock alert on their site and also registered with a separate stock-checking site that sends out an email when a product becomes available. Once again, I was beaten however. Again, I returned home from work and found that the stock-checking website had emailed me at 11:07AM. By this point it was around 5PM yet still I hoped as I quickly accessed the Nintendo store, clicked the 'pre-order' icon  to bring up the options son of a bitch; 'SOLD OUT'? Was this for real? Punished again for being at work? Couldn't they have listed it at a better time? Couldn't they have manufactured more bloody stock?!? The US version of the limited edition faced the same problem but again, it seemed that nobody at Nintendo could be bothered to think "You know what, we can sell more copies than we thought and keep more fans happy so let's make sure we get the Euro launch right, guys". Ha, yeah right...

What about the re-sellers and scalpers? Surely nobody would secure multiple pre-orders and list it on an auction site (before they even have the stock) at well in excess of double the £70 RRP?

Obviously I still really want to play the Fates games purely based on how I couldn't get enough of the previous DS game, let alone how much I enjoy the Fire Emblem series in general. The way this whole thing has gone down has left a bitter taste in my mouth however and as a result, I haven't got the appetite for a new FE right now. I should have known though for a combination of the words "Fire", "Emblem", "Nintendo", "Limited" and "Edition" should have hinted at guaranteed pre-order doom in the first place.


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