Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Recent-ish Purchases #2

It's that time again: the time when I've temporarily ran out of meaningful and vaguely interesting topics to post up so have resorted to filling the void with a 'purchases' post. This will be all the stuff I've accumulated since the last "Recent-ish Purchases" post a while back so without further ado, let's get this done.

Latest addition to the overcrowded TV set-up. Honestly, I didn't want to upgrade just yet but too many great-looking games are coming along so it had to be done. As a side-note, every other machine beneath the telly is black so I decided that a nice 'Glacier White' piece of hardware was in order.

The first two games I bought for the PS4. Until Dawn came with the console but had been on my radar for some time anyway (even when it was originally a PS3 Move-compatible game) and I'm pleased to say that completing it was a truly fantastic experience that got me into the current generation of gaming quite nicely. Toukiden Kiwami I haven't played as of yet but it looked interesting enough to take a punt on at a great price in a private sale.

Then I spoiled it all by buying the above and effectively purchasing a one-way ticket to hell. On the plus side, it's the Asian edition which means English language options. I think I may have slightly redeemed myself though by not opting for the Limited Edition which included a '3D' mousemat. 


Some PS3 goodness. Beyond: Two Souls was an inspired purchase after really enjoying the cinematic nature of Until Dawn. I've already played and loved Quantic Dream's earlier game, Fahrenheit, so I have high hopes for Beyond. I'm a sucker for NIS-published software so Natural Doctrine was just something I managed to tick off my wishlist. Don't know a lot about it but it's niche and I got a mega deal on this sealed copy so it was all good.

Two PS2 games that I've previously owned and sold without ever playing. No idea why I ever sold Midway Arcade Treasures 2 given how many famous arcade games are gathered together on one disc but at least I have it back again. So far it has been worth it for Total Carnage alone! Steambot Chronicles was something I wanted to buy back and actually play this time after reading up on Irem's games in a fascinating interview from The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Vol.2. Distressingly, the price seems to have risen since I last managed to get pennies for my previous copy on ebay but I got this one for a below-average price which means I'm happy.

Another PS2 purchase and yet another game that I once owned and badly wanted to buy back. I used to own the 'promo' edition of KOF Maximum Impact 2 which was the full game but just a disc in a jewel case used by reviewers in the media etc. It is a bad game in many ways and certainly not a classic KOF entry but I have an odd fondness for it. It's quite uncommon here in PAL territories and always priced up quite high by the 'MEGA RARE' brigade but an ebay seller suddenly listed a load of sealed SNK PS2 games for £14.99 each, this being one of them. I thought it was a great deal for a sealed copy so snapped it up. Okay, the packaging and manual are in French (this is a Euro version, not the preferable UK edition) but the game is in English so who cares?

A pretty random acquisition that was given to me for free by a kind forum member. I remember Spyborgs being released back in the day but I'm not clued-up on the gameplay. It's by Capcom though so I will at least give it a shot.

Probably the jewel of my recent purchases, I wanted to get this sealed so that a) I could avoid the flood of counterfeit versions and b) so I could have a copy in pristine condition to play and keep. Final Fantasy V is the only main game that I haven't played or at least owned and I thought that the GBA edition would be the best one to go for seeing as the Final Fantasy VI port was so chuffin' good. I'm looking forward to the doubtlessly punishing extra dungeon(s) or whatever Square decided to include!

Lastly, I added another figure to my collection. I could go crazy and buy loads of these when there are so many I'd like to have but I have to be realistic. It also helps when the general price of the decent figures is usually so high that I wouldn't even consider dropping the money on them. This one was around £40 though so much more within my comfort zone of spending.

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