Monday, 25 April 2016

Product Review: Retro Box Protectors (Retro Empire UK)

Anybody who collects or plays retro games and aims to keep their collection in the best possible condition will surely relate to the act of gingerly handling and moving cardboard boxed software around. Hopefully not many of you will relate to the tragic situation when a pristine box is squashed or torn in a moment of irreversible clumsiness. In any case, the growing retro scene has inspired a number of companies to produce box protectors for your games. Long considering this to be a good idea, I recently got around to purchasing a pack of Gameboy/GBC/GBA box protectors from Retro Empire UK (links at the end of this post) since I have a small but well preserved GB collection and decided it was about to time to ensure that they stayed that way.

The boxes are clear plastic and come flat-packed but easily fold into shape. A set of small, transparent circular stickers are then employed to hold the bottom flap shut. The best thing about these boxes is that the fit is snug enough to be secure but still lenient enough to easily remove games should you wish to take one out of its case to play it (as they should be used for!).

The finish is both smart and protective.
Keep this top flap unsealed to allow access to the treasure within.

Now I'm fully aware that there are stronger and harder variations on the GB-sized box protectors available from rival companies but as far as I'm concerned, you don't need anything sturdier unless you never intend to play the game(s) again and want to simply keep it sealed up like a museum piece. Games are for playing though so I don't necessarily agree with this way of collecting (though I do understand it). Retro Empire's protectors are sturdy enough for storage use however and will certainly do the job of keeping those dreaded box corners and edges protected when moving games about or flicking through them on the shelf to find the one you're seeking.

I purchased a 10 pack but actually have an additional three boxed games not pictured here that will need to same treatment. My only negative criticism of this product is that I also own the fatter box for Gameboy Colour Pokemon Pinball and this one won't fit but this is a minor oversight. After all, I'm only aware of one other GBC game that came with the bigger box (there may well be more) to accomodate a rumble pack cartridge (Perfect Dark) and this product should first and foremost cater to the majority of standard-sized boxes which it does admirably.

Check out Retro Empire's products in the links below to see a neat range of box protectors for everything from SNES and Mega Drive games to protectors for your Gameboy console boxes.

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