Sunday, 27 March 2016

Top Five...Videogame locations I'd like to visit in real-life

It's time for another Top Five and this time I'm going to list five videogame locations that I'd like to visit in real life if it were possible for them to exist. Hypothetical Top Fives for the win. Anyway, there's no order to these so I'll just jump right in...

1. Autumn Plains (Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer)

There's so much I love about this home world in the second Spyro game. The beautiful ambient music, the crystal-clear waters of the pool in the centre, the sound of chirping birds and woodpeckers, the falling's totally a place that would be perfect for relaxing and feeling at peace. That's the feeling I get anyway whenever I replay the game and find myself in Autumn Plains. An MP3 player with the accompanying music might be necessary to fully enjoy the place if it were possible to go there in reality though. Oh and I'd stay well away from the portal to Skelos Badlands just in case I tripped and fell in...

2. Jun Kazama's stage (Tekken 2)

Here's another one that would be a pretty stress-relieving place to visit. Perhaps the best thing about the 'Morning Fields' stage is that there are probably a lot of locations in real life that bear a close resemblance so it's technically possible to visit. The bright blue skies, far off quaint villages and vibrant fields make for a lovely landscape that could only have came from a 90's fighting game. I'd certainly like to go on a ramble here.

3. Zack Island (Dead or Alive Xtreme series)

Pretty sure I don't need to justify this selection. Must be those amazing palm trees. Yeah.

4. Balamb (Final Fantasy VIII)

Another peaceful locale with blue skies? Check. Balamb is the first town you venture to in Final Fantasy VIII and it's a small harbour town with a unique design that manages to appear futuristic but also traditional in a British seaside town kind of way. Life looks slow and laid-back here without many hang-ups and that really appeals to me. Also consider that Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite game of all-time and Balamb was always going to make this list.

1. Beach Bowl Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Hmm...these choices are all looking pretty similar aren't they? Blue skies and tranquil, idyllic settings are starting to be familiar themes. But sod it, these are the kinds of places I'd like to be if it were possible. Water has never looked more inviting than in the Mario Galaxy games and the original's Beach Bowl Galaxy was a delightful surprise when I first visited it (as Mario unfortunately). Think of it as an innocent version of DOA Xtreme's Zack Island. With added penguins. Awesome.

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