Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Pixel Bead Art

I'm sure many of you have heard of pixel bead art, the process of creating artwork using small plastic beads with pegboards. It is an artform that has become particularly prominent in the world of video games in recent years thanks to how beads lend themselves so well to re-creating classic 2D sprites and I have seen some truly fantastic creations.

A while ago now, I was fortunate enough to have two of my favourite fighting game characters re-created in pixel bead form. I've had these for a long time now but only just gotten around to hanging them on the wall so I thought it was high time I gave a shout out to the creator.

Approx 50cm (w) x 75cm (H)

Approx 45cm (W) x 55 (H)

The level of detail on these is absolutely fantastic and when standing back, they really look bang-on. I'm especially impressed by the intricate aura surrounding Akuma and I can't imagine how long that took to get right.

Below I will post a link to the creator's (Cave of Pixels) Deviantart gallery so you can see the other work he has produced. While the sprites are a sight to behold, I'm even more in awe of the photographs and real-life imagery that has been translated to beads. Check it out!

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