Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Great Moments in Gaming #1 - Segagaga's Final Stage

You know Segagaga right? Okay, maybe you don't but what you DO know is that it's the bizarre Japanese Dreamcast exclusive that you WISH we Western gamers had been privy too. Fortunately, Youtube and the generous uploads of users around the world ensure that we can sneak a peek at the games publishers deemed too weird or unsaleable for lands outside of Japan. One prime example is Segagaga, a strange sort of tribute to Sega made by themselves during the implosion of their hardware business. I've not played the game personally and I doubt I will get the chance but the final stage is something that has to be seen.

It takes the form of a traditional horizontal 2D shooter (or shmup as the 'in' crowd like to say) but quickly morphs into something a little more leftfield. The player has to shoot down Sega control pads, hostile compact discs and even pink joypads that resemble Playstation controllers. Before you have time to ponder the deeper meaning of the CD format being the enemy of Sega, things suddenly become even more brilliant. Now you're involved in a boss rush with the bosses taking the form of Sega's past computers and consoles. The SG-1000 kicks things off, spewing out 8-bit sprites from games that it hosted in evil 'bullet hell' patterns. Perhaps the greatest moment however is coming up against the legendary Mega Drive which has a bit of a Power Rangers tranformation sequence moment with the Mega CD and 32X bolting themselves on for one hell of a boss. A screen-filling Saturn makes a dramatic appearance and...you know what? Words on a screen really don't do justice to what is one of the coolest things a fan of retro games will ever see.

Fast forward the below the video to 31:10 to witness the utterly bonkers brilliance.

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  1. Well that was fairly fantastic, the Aztec Adventure sprites were a nice surprise too... I'd LOVE a whole game based around that, as it is, it being an RPG it's not even worth importing, bah!