Monday, 4 January 2016

Street Fighter V "Vital Box" Announced for Japan

Capcom have just announced a special edition boxset for the upcoming Street Fighter V...currently exclusive to Japan of course! The 'Vital Box' will include the game, an artbook, instructional DVD, character movelist cards, in-game costumes and some in-game currency. I've been going off special editions in recent years (most are pretty dull or pointless these days...) but this one looks quite nice. The most eye-catching point though? The art on the front of the box by veteran Street Fighter artist 'Bengus' who was prolific for Capcom during the days of classic fighting games in the 90's.

It can't just be me who sees the passing similarity between this new cover and the cover for the original Darkstalkers...

It would be nice if we got the Vital Box edition over this side of the globe but truth be told, I could settle for a hi-res image of that bloody beautiful Bengus artwork and just a standard copy of the game.

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