Thursday, 28 January 2016

Inside Artbooks #2 - Tales of Xillia (Mutsumi Inomata x Kosuke Fujishima's Character Works)

Side view

Namco's Tales of Xillia quickly became my favourite in the series as well as one of my top JRPG's when I played through it last year (2015). As tends to be the norm with these things, I was soon seeking out an artbook since a) I liked the character designs and b) the tiny little thing that comes in the 'Day 1' edition is hardly comprehensive enough. This was what I managed to find. It's not that large (79 pages) but the paper quality is strong and more importantly, it contains all of the character designs from regular 'Tales' artists Mutsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima who - incidentally - worked together for the first time on Xillia. As such, there is a mix of the more traditional-looking art and the anime-style, the latter resembling what the player actually sees in-game.

Personally I prefer the more painterly art of Kosuke Fujishima but it's all good and definitely satisfied my needs. As I said earlier, it's a short book but then again, it wasn't as expensive as others I have purchased so there's no bitterness there. The book contains finished art as well as rough concept sketches. Unfortunately, the annotations and several pages near the back are all in Japanese so there's no way for me to understand it but the art itself was what primarily interested me. I do prefer to be able to read the annotations in these kinds of books as I find the artist's comments enlightening but when there's no English version of a book then it's a moot point! Anyway, here's some sample images...

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