Tuesday, 22 December 2015

New Arrivals 12/12/15

Looks like I've been absent from here for a short while and leaving your blog to rot when you have so many demanding viewers and members is a bit...hang on, must be thinking of a different blog. Major LOLZ etc. etc. Anyway, my last 'New Arrivals' post stated that I probably wouldn't be buying anything else this side of Christmas and that was clearly a blatant lie because here I am again. I didn't spend too much though - honest.

The PS3 version of San Andreas was the only new game and at £20 is was probably a bit of a rip-off but with the box looking identical to the PS2 original, I just had to know exactly what this version was. Turns out it's just San Andreas with trophies, a few tarted-up menus and slightly better visuals. It might even be the same as one of the digital versions out there but really, I should have paid closer to the £10 mark for this. Oh well, I've started playing it anyway and I'm on the road to completion once more!

The PS2 games were in a '2 for £5' deal and both have been on my wanted list for some time so at that price - especially since they were complete and in great condition - I couldn't say no. I did actually once own R-Type Final but I don't feel that I gave it enough of a chance before selling it on so I'm determined to do better this time.

Splatterhouse is meant to be a Marmite sort of game but the main reason I want to play it is because the original three games are unlockables. When you consider that Splatterhouse 3 for the Mega Drive is listed on ebay for prices in the £80 region then paying £9.99 for the modern Splatterhouse + all three of the originals is a bit of a deal. I thought so anyway.

The final purchase was the Street Fighter Assassin's Fist series on DVD. This is meant to be one of the few faithful fighting game-based productions and I've not yet seen it so this DVD (which I didn't know existed) was a no-brainer at just £2.99 brand-new. I have a special hatred for the numerous fighting games that have received atrocious silver screen outings so I'm hoping that this is the antidote to years of personal fury.

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