Tuesday, 8 December 2015

New Arrivals 07.12.15

As any gamer knows, you can never have too many controllers! I already have a fair few myself but many are showing signs of age with creaking analogue sticks, unresponsive buttons or d-pads that aren't as tight for fighting games as they once were. I acquired this lot from a forum for a very fair price. The PS2 pads are spares as I have (approx) four already but they are slowly dying in various ways. The PS3 pad is - again - a spare as I still only have the sole pad that came with the console so I thought it would be prudent to have a back-up.

The situation was the same with the Gamecube where I still only have the one official pad from the console bundle I originally purchased back in 2004. The Pearl White pad is quite pretty in the flesh and the Wavebird wireless controller is the first I've held let alone used. Gamecube controllers in general are surprisingly expensive, especially Wavebirds, so I'm very happy to have grabbed all of these for well below market prices.

These really should be my last purchases this side of Christmas!

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