Friday, 4 December 2015

New Arrivals 04.12.15

A couple of new purchases from the last few days. Since I've been gradually (and wisely) slowing down on purchases, I decided to just do mini updates like this as and when I purchase something worth sharing. First up is the NTSC-J (Japanese) release of SVC Chaos: SNK Vs Capcom for the PS2:

To compare this game to Capcom's take on the crossover (the seminal Capcom Vs SNK series) would be like trying to compare Kate Upton with a nasty old bog-dwelling hag; one clearly blows the other clean out of the water with unprecedented firepower. However! I have always had a soft spot for SNK's crossover game despite the creaking old Neo Geo aesthetics, horrible stage backdrops, brutal difficulty and clunky gameplay. There's something charming about seeing Ryu and co. in the Neo Geo style and the roster itself is pretty leftfield with some pleasant surprise entrants such as Tessa (Red Earth), Mars People (Metal Slug) and Zero (Mega Man). Let's also not forget 'Violent Ken', an Evil Ryu sort of character.

So every now and then, I do like to have a play with this game but it is one of those PS2 titles that came on the cheaper, blue-bottomed CD's rather than a DVD disc and like many PS2 owners, I found that my machine would no longer play these nasty discs. Luckily, my console is a region-free debugging unit (emblazoned with the word 'TEST' on top rather than 'PS2') and SVC Chaos came on a DVD disc in Japan so I decided to just get rid of the crappy PAL release and buy this instead. The cover art of Ken vs Terry Bogard isn't quite as eye-catching as the PAL art (seen on the manual cover) but it is at least a bit different. You will see that the disc features the awesome Falcoon artwork of Mai and Chun-Li staring each other out, an image that graced the cover of the Japanese Xbox limited edition version (which I used to have). In any case, I have been playing it over the last few days and had some good fun with the game.

The second purchase for me to show in this post is another artbook for my shelf:

If you read my previous post on the Luminous Arc games, you will likely recall that I'm a pretty big fan of these low-key SRPG's so I was pleased to find this artbook containing art from the first two games. It was a Luminous Arc 2 pre-order bonus in America (we didn't get it here in Europe) so I had to buy this in from the States. It isn't the thickest of books by any means (pre-order bonus books usually aren't as a rule) but I do like the character art for these games so it's a nice thing to have. I won't show any of the inside just yet though because I'm hoping to start up a regular segment on gaming artbooks since they are a key interest of mine.

That's it for now. Unless I'm a bit reckless, I can't see myself shelling out any more cash on games this side of Christmas but you never know!

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