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Top Five Grand Theft Auto Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto games typically feature a lot of varied actvities and things to muck about with but the number one thing to do in Rockstar's flagship series is to have fun in the plethora of available vehicles. With so many games in the series by now, there have naturally been a lot of different vehicles. Some have come and gone, others have been in every game in some incarnation or another but every GTA player has their favourites. Here are my Top 5!

5. Hydra (GTA San Andreas)

GTA V's fighter jet might be a lot newer and a hell of a lot of fun to unleash havoc with but I'll always have a softer spot for San Andreas' Hydra. It was the first military fighter jet in a Grand Theft Auto game for starters but where it really stands apart from V's P-996 LAZER is its VTOL capabilities. Being able to switch between vertical lift-off mode and normal flight (inspired by the Harrier Jump Jet) was a very cool ability for the time and of course there were lock-on missiles to play with! The Hydra apparently re-appeared in GTA Online but that's a side of V that I haven't bothered with and probably won't when the single-player mode is satisfying enough.

4. Hunter (GTA Vice City, San Andreas & Vice City Stories)

GTA's version of the legendary Apache combat helicopter is a lot of fun to use. Sporting machineguns and missiles, there was a lot of fun to be had flying over the streets of Vice City and causing untold devastation with the dual rockets and machineguns. Of course, the cops couldn't touch you in the air in the older games so as long as you didn't crash into a building or tree, you were pretty much safe! The one downside to the Hunter is that it brings back horrible memories of not being able to obtain one in San Andreas due to the nightmarishly strict flight school challenges that the player had to achieve all golds on to unlock this chopper.

3. Fire Truck (GTA Vice City version)

A really dull fire truck in this Top 5 countdown you say? Well...yes! Usually I wouldn't even dream of wasting my time in one of these with the abundance of faster vehicles and supercars stalking the streets of GTA's cities but there is a reason why the Vice City fire truck deserves a place here and that's its sheer strength! You could take this truck up to top speed and smash traffic aside like it was weightless. Cars would spin, flip and even fly through the air before sometimes exploding such was the damage dished out by the fire truck. Somewhat disappointingly, the fire trucks in subsequent GTA games were never quite as devastating and as such, seriously un-fun to drive.

2. Phoenix (GTA Vice City, Vice City Stories & V)

I'm a big fan of classic American muscle cars so this Pontiac Firebird/Trans-am inspired street machine in Vice City was an awesome drive with its thunderous engine note and pleasing abundance on the streets of Vice. The San Andreas version was - annoyingly - much harder to get hold of since it didn't spawn anywhere on the map. The only way to obtain one was to enter the specific street race that gave the player a Phoenix to use then park it in a garage, exit the vehicle and wait for the timer to count down. Once disqualified from the race, you could return to the garage and claim your Phoenix! I was understandably very pleased when Rockstar brought the car back for GTA V along with a nice selection of lairy muscle car mods! I currently have 2 different modified Phoenixes lurking in my in-game garages...

1. Sabre Turbo (GTA Vice City, Vice City Stories, IV & V)

First appearing in Vice City's Sunshine Autos car dealership business, the Sabre Turbo was a mean evolution of the standard Sabre, distinguished by its fat white racing stripe and snarling V8 engine. Again, this car really captivated my inner muscle car fan (it looks to be loosely based on a Chevy Chevelle or Oldsmobile 4-4-2) and it was my go-to vehicle in the game for cruising. It was only the bog-standard Sabre that made it into San Andreas but the Turbo edition was back for Vice City Stories, always spawning in the car park near the airport. Better yet, the car returned for both GTA IV and V where it looked and drove better than ever. A series staple and a legend of GTA's roads.

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