Friday, 13 November 2015

My (brief) thoughts on Metroid: The Sky Calls

Generally, I stay the hell away from movies based on videogames. I've had a crack at a fair few before now but the likes of King of Fighters, Tekken and Dead or Alive left me badly burnt. Heck, the sequel to Tekken is out now on DVD but there's no way I'm going near it. Never! I do however have time for fan-based projects because unlike the big studios, fans tend to nail the most important part: authenticity. My biggest moan about videogame movies is that the characters, locations and plots in no way ever resemble what they are actually supposed to be. KOF starred Maggie Q as Mai Shiranui for crying out loud. No offense against Ms Q but...well, you can Google search and see the problem. Fan-created projects get all of this right from the outset because of course, they are just like us and want to see a straight movie version of their favourite videogames.

Now a short Metroid movie has been put together, titled Metroid: The Sky Calls. I hadn't heard about this project until seeing the trailer on good friend dste's blog so I dutifully gave it a watch.

I have to say that it is quite impressive for a fan project. The authenticity is spot-on with the use of first person bits and sound effects from the Prime games being nice touches. There is a Morph Ball sequence, Samus' ship and a brief battle scene, all of which are handled very well. If I had one criticism, I would say that Jessica Chobot could have given Samus a little more of a hard, toughened edge but I'm not familiar with her so I won't heap too much negativity on the poor woman! She certainly looked the part though and I approved of the Zero Suit Samus hair-do.

I'd definitely like to see a full movie of this but we all know that Nintendo would sue the producer's asses into oblivion. In the ideal world they would see what these fans are doing and get involved by giving their approval and being involved at key stages to check that the movie was to their liking. They could then take it under their wing, make minor adjustments perhaps and get it out on DVD/Blu-Ray. I mean, there are Halo movies out there so why not a Metroid one? Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world though so I can't see my vision being carried out any time soon.

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