Monday, 16 November 2015

Censorship Part 2

Not long has passed since my post on the censorship employed by Nintendo for the Western release of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water but a new censorship story has already cropped up on my radar. I wasn't even planning to post about it but since it concerns an upcoming fighting game (and this blog seems to indulge my love for the genre a bit too much already), I thought "why not?" The game in question? Street Fighter V! It's a bit surprising really since if any fighting game were to be censored or toned-down then it would surely be Dead or Alive but apparently - in the process of making the characters look better than ever with flashier animations - Capcom have inadvertedly allowed a few details into the game that they have now decided are too much.

The alterations in general are for a crotch shot of Cammy during her entrance animation and Rainbow Mika smacking her butt before her Critical Art super move. These are edits that have been made while the game is still in Beta form and you can see the changes here on The Fighters Generation website which has handily uploaded some comparison GIFS...

You can also see the end of Mika's Critical Art has been subtly altered to make her appear a little less chesty. Those crafty devils at Capcom.

So do these censors really matter? Not really. Looking at the game, it still looks as awesome as ever and if you haven't been following the progress of the Beta version, you'd probably never notice when getting your hands on a copy of the finished product.

What it comes down to once again though is the actual subject of censorship. While nobody should really take any outraged offense at these changes by Capcom, it's odd that these small details were deemed potentially offensive. The artists and graphic designers have had their work altered and probably all to ensure that the game gets a more friendly age rating in the all important US of A.

To sum it up, I'm genuinely a bit annoyed that these things have to happen but moreso with the overly politically correct state of entertainment these days where everybody is walking on eggshells, terrified of offending somebody. Take a look at how easy it is access far more extreme content online these days (and how knowlegable the younger generation are about adult topics versus, say, 60 years ago) and it becomes almost comical to think that Capcom have edited some camera angles to hide a lighthearted ass slap and a bit of cleavage.

On a positive note, the game will still rock I'm sure and I'm still pleased that R.Mika has been re-included for the latest Street Fighter so all things considered, things could be a lot more disappointing. Just don't go putting Cammy in a head-to-toe nuns outfit Capcom!

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