Saturday, 31 October 2015

October '15 Purchases

Well there weren't many purchases this month and I had promised myself to keep it that way considering I have quite a lot of unplayed games already. Of course, the picture above would have been even sparser had I not already committed to the Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water pre-order last month. In all honesty, I could live without this collector's edition. It comes with an extra steelbook case, a poster, an artbook and some 'Spirit Photographs'. All of this is quite nice but I have long ago seen the futility in purchasing LE's for all games so had it not been for the fact that this collector's edition was the only way to purchase a physical copy of the game in the UK, then I would have opted for a standard copy had it existed. As it happened, the pre-orders sold out qute quickly on the Nintendo store and the same happened on GAME's website which is where I placed an order for my copy. It was £49.99 but I have no doubt that I will get my money back (or close to it) if I don't enjoy the game when I give it a go. I'm pretty sure I've seen the usual on ebay already with people listing copies for higher than the RRP! Sad times indeed but at least I could justify buying this at the regular price.

Theatryhthm: Final Fantasy (terrible name!) is a music-based 3DS title featuring tracks and videos from all of the Final Fantasy series. I've liked the look of this for a long time because I don't mind a good musical game and also because of all the classic Final Fantasy content. I'd probably rather play this than the latest game in the numbered series anyway! This is one I've not picked up before due to the price never being right (or just not being able to justify shelling out on it as a random purchase) but I was lucky enough to obtain this copy in a 'swap shop' style thread within one of the gaming forums that I frequent. I'm looking forward to the Final Fantasy VIII content most of all since it's my all-time favourite game.

Finally, the personal jewels from this month's purchases are a pair of CD's from Japan that I've been after forever. If you read my post about the music of Tekken 2 then you might remember me stating that I owned the arcade OST CD but not the two 'Strike Fighting' CD's that cover all of the arranged PS1 music. Well, at the tail end of this month, I got lucky and snagged both from ebay at good prices. They arrived super-quickly from Japan and I couldn't be more pleased with them. In fact, I'm listening to one of them now as I type this post up! I'll surely have them both ripped and loaded onto my Walkman in no time at all.

So that's it for this month. I don't actually have any purchases in mind for November so I'm not even sure if I'll be buying anything. Knowing me though...

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