Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Street Fighter V: My Super Turbo Ultra hype

I'll be the first person to admit that when Capcom announced Street Fighter V, my immediate reaction was "too soon". Then the first gameplay footage broke cover and even giving it the benefit of the doubt considering the very early production stage, I was still left feeling extremely apathetic. It looked just like a slightly prettier Street Fighter IV - just as gamers had feared. There was Ryu squaring off against Chun Li and...well, we'd seen it all before hadn't we?

Fast forward to NOW and my attitude has done a complete U-turn. The most recent gameplay trailers seem to show a game that certainly still resembles its excellent predecessor but the visual detailing is a hell of a lot better in a subtle sort of way that isn't a mere glossier version of SFIV. Take a look at the wear-and-tear damage on Ryu's gloves, the cracks in Bison's shoulder pads and the long overdue upgrade for Cammy which includes more accessories for her outfit plus actual textures on the leotard . I'm also really loving the beautiful 'Forgotten Waterfall' stage which reminds me of the equally sumptuous 'Lost World' stage in Dead or Alive 5.

Oof! Also, is Cammy feeling...chilly?
The gameplay itself also looks to include some new features based around the 'V' system, a three element mechanic consisting of V-Skills (pressing MP+MK bestows special abilities such as an enhanced jump for Chun Li, projectile absorption for M.Bison etc.), V-Triggers (even stronger special abilities dependant on having a full V-Gauge) and V-Reversals (powerful counters activated while blocking). Powered-up EX moves return from SFIV as do Critical Arts (Super moves) and there will also be finishing moves and stage transitions similar to the multi-element destructible arenas in Dead or Alive 5 for example. So in short, there's a heck of a lot going on and there will be meters, gauges and flashy effects all over the place...great news for veterans but perhaps not as appealing to potential newbies (thankfully I'm in the former camp).

By far the thing that has gotten me most excited however is the return of long-absent characters from past games. So far, Capcom has shown off 'Nash' (an evil version of Charlie Nash), Birdie and...Rainbow Mika! Any Alpha/Zero-era characters making a comeback is good news to my ears but I genuinely never expected Capcom to bring back R.Mika who is easily one of my series' favourites. Mika's fighting style looks to be pleasingly familiar but she also has a lot of new moves including the use of a mysterious partner during her V-Triggers. Overall, I'm really pleased that Capcom seems to have finally listened to the fans so here's hoping for more blasts from the past (Karin plz).

Long time no see... Let the Alpha/Zero revival continue!
So will Street Fighter V be the game that finally convinces me to invest in a PS4? Honestly, at this stage I would still say "no" despite my growing hype for this game. Aside from the fact that a) I have no spare space beneath the TV with the stuff currently set up and b) a PS4 isn't exactly pocket change, I just know that Capcom will release some form of upgraded edition in the long run, making it a bit pointless for me to go rushing out and getting a PS4 in readiness for this game. Okay, they have explicitly stated that they won't go down the revision/upgrade route this time but I'm positive I recall them saying the same about Street Fighter IV and that game had four editions (six if you count Arcade Edition ver.2012 and the PS4/XBO release). Even if I am wrong, I can still pick the game up at a later date because by nature, I'm never in a hurry to play the latest 'big' game.

To go off on a bit of a tangent though, the only games on my radar that I would definitely buy for the PS4 are Until Dawn (still pissed that this was cancelled on the PS3!), Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian but there is another title that might force me to throw reason in the bin and upgrade...Tekken X Street Fighter. Yes, it's still a 'thing' according to Namco and a lot of work has been completed behind closed doors so far. Witnessing the Street Fighter cast in full 3D (let's forget the EX series!) and seeing which characters they have selected is tantalising enough but actually getting to play as Ryu and co. in the Tekken style? It's seriously exciting. If the quality and generous fan-service lavished on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is any sort of yardstick then I think TxSF will really be something special.

But for now we have Street Fighter V and ain't it looking nice?

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