Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September '15 Purchases

September's gaming purchases will likely be my last for a good while (aside from one pre-order I have placed for October) due to other financial commitments (to use a dull, corporate description). In truth though, I'd vowed to play more of the backlog rather than buying more games this month anyway but, well...I failed! These were all acquired from a forum for fair prices that I couldn't really pass up when all five were actually on my wanted list instead of being random impulse purchases.

JRPG's are one of my go-to genres and despite having a run of disappointing experiences recently with certain PS3 titles, I'm always keen to get hold of anything that has eluded my clutches for a long time if it pops up for a fair price. Soul Nomad and Magna Carta are two perfect examples being PS2 RPG's that are extremely tough to find on pre-owned shelves in the wild (Soul Nomad in particular) and for agreeable prices. What do I know about these two? Not much other than Soul Nomad being a highly regarded Nippon Ichi game (always worth trying out) and Magna Carta having some truly memorable artwork by Hyung-Tae Kim. I've pretty much got (or have owned/played in the past) all of the PS2 JRPG's that interest me but these two had not crossed my path (or wallet) before now...

Moving onto the PS1 games, Kula World is a game I played a demo version of (it came on the version of the 'Demo 1' disc with my console) when I was younger and fell head over heels for. This unique puzzler is a seriously cool game with an invitingly simple design that you'd expect to see in today's indie game scene. Obviously it didn't do so well back in the late 90's though because PAL copies aren't exactly common outside of places like ebay and used to fetch a bit of a premium (prices have fallen since the PSN re-release). In any case, I'm stoked to finally have the full game and I hope the loooooong wait has been worth it...

In the Hunt is a 2D side-scrolling arcade shooter with submarines programmed by ex Nazca staff as if the Metal Slug-style art design wasn't a large enough clue. Never played this before but the Metal Slug games are a favourite of mine so I've been itching to have a crack at it for ages now. Kurushi Final is something I've been after as it falls into that category of 90's console releases with abstract, mimalist designs and unique gameplay mechanics. There are quite a lot of titles like this developed in those early days of polygon-based games and personally I'm far more intrigued by them than the typical triple-A Gran Turismo type of games. Kurushi is meant to be a pretty hardcore experience though so it will be interesting to find out if I can handle it!

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