Sunday, 20 September 2015


Last time I posted about the upcoming Street Fighter V, I commended Capcom for lending an ear to the wishes of fans and bringing the likes of Birdie and Rainbow Mika out of retirement. My actual words were "Capcom seems to have finally listened to the fans so here's hoping for more blasts from the past (Karin plz)". Now I've bolded that last part of my own quote because only a few days ago...

Damn you Capcom for tempting me to purchase a PS4 even more. Have Sony put you up to this? Or were my words prophetic? Hmm...shall we try a few more?

"Akuma next plz"
"Oni plz"
"20,000,000 pounds to mysteriously appear in my bank account plz"

Well, I can try can't I?

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