Monday, 7 September 2015

Hello and Welcome...

Welcome to this, my new gaming blog. The general gist should be detailed over on the right >>> but essentially this is the sequel to my previous 'Darkstalker90' blog which I had enough of several years ago and unceremoniously deleted. I don't expect anybody to remember it at all as it was pretty small-fry and haphazardly maintained with a right old mix of stuff but the new 'DS90' brand (probably too early to call it a 'brand') denotes a continuinity of sorts. A Darkstalker90 2.0 perhaps.

For those offended by a complete lack of colour, I apologise for the general greyness but I couldn't decide on a suitable colour. Something to come back to later I guess. For now, you'll just have to rely on the pictures and pretty screenshots for your fix of that new-fangled colour stuff.

Anyway, less blabbing nonsensically and more actual, er...nonsensical blabby posting? Time to get to it. Cheers for reading!


  1. Hey, welcome back to the fold :D

    Still get the occasional updates from your last blog in my inbox, mostly in the shape of porny spammy stuff. Just so you know. Look forward to seeing what you do with the new stuff here.

    1. Cheers :)

      Certainly feel free to delete all trace of that old blog if you're getting those sorts of 'updates'! I erased the whole lot so no idea how somebody has taken over but I'm not surprised either!