Monday, 7 September 2015

Favourite Videogame Music - #1 F-Zero GX

When most gamers think about the superb F-Zero GX, they likely recall the eye-melting speed, delicious visuals or the hardcore difficulty that alienated many a Gamecube owner. But what about the music? Recently, I purchased the pictured CD from Japan which contains the OST for both F-Zero GX and the arcade AX game across two CD's. Listening to the GX disc made me remember how incredible the music for this game was and I'm certain that I in no way fully appreciated it when I originally played the game. There's a nice blend of chilled out tunes, high energy tracks and arcade-friendly music to please the ears so I've decided to post a top five from the OST. I haven't (regrettably) played AX in the arcade so this top five will consist purely of tracks from the Gamecube game. Hopefully I will one day lay at least lay eyes on an AX cab however.

Note: the featured music is of course property of its copyright holders and the linked videos are the work of the relevant uploaders, not myself.

1. Cover of Mute City's Theme

The Mute City theme is a classic from the original SNES game and has been covered officially and unofficially more times than I've woken up in the morning wishing I didn't have to go to work i.e. a lot. This version is probably my favourite though because it's just so high energy and motivating.

2. Zen (Aeropolis)
 I love this track's blend of energetic dance beats and serene, futuristic jingles. The official 'ZEN' title is very fitting.

3. Shotgun Kiss (Vegas Palace)

This one was always a favourite, even when I first bought F-Zero GX and wasn't fully appreciating the audio. I have to say that it sort of reminds of the theme for Big Blue but Shotgun Kiss does indeed do its own thing and brings to mind slot machines, chips and seas of neon casino lights.

4. Finish to Go

As far as victory, winning or end themes go, this one is up there with the likes of Sega Rally's "Game Over YEEEEEAAAAAH!". This is a brilliant track in its own right, only slightly spoiled by the absence of the commentator screaming "AAAALLL RIGHT! FIRST PLACE!" but you know, you don't get that stuff on OST tracks. Play this track in your car when you make it to work on time. Or when you've succesfully devoured another chocolate digestive.

5. One-Ahead System (Cosmo Terminal)

Another track with an awesome futuristic sound. The pumping music will really help you go faster...maybe.

So there we have it: my top five F-Zero GX OST tracks. Honestly, there are many more that I could have included here (Cover of Big Blue's theme was sooo close) but I may well be posting up the entire CD as it's pretty much a disc that I can easily listen to from start to finish without skipping past any tracks. The only problem is that all this excellent music is making me want to set my 'cube up again and get F-Zero GX back on. Soon perhaps, soon...


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